Tsinandali Estate is the cradle of classic winemaking in Georgia. At the beginning of the 19th century, Prince Alexander Chavchavadze introduced European wine-making technology to Georgia, and created a new standard of Georgian wine. Tsinandali Estate is in fact where wine was first bottled in Georgia.

The Prince's excellent wine collection of 16,500 bottles is preserved today in the historical Enoteca of Alexander Chavchavadze, within which is the oldest wine in Georgia, bottled in 1841 and named “the Saperavi of Tsinandali Estate, 1839.”
The Estate continues the tradition of Alexander Chavchavadze to this day: on the one hand, it follows the techniques of classic European winemaking, and on the other hand, it invariably preserves the 8000-year tradition of Georgian Qvevri winemaking. In Tsinandali, the high quality modern winery boasting Italian Albrigi tanks of NASA-welding technology and Burgundy wine barrels also houses Imereti and Makatubani wine amphora created exclusively for the Tsinandali Cellar.

At present, Tsinandali Estate produces up to 20 types of wine. It also has a vodka distillery, where the best Saperavi and Rkatsiteli chacha is made, as well as fruit double vodka. The highest standard Barison Italian distilling equipment ensures perfect quality, the special flavor and purity of the chacha and fruit vodka distilled at Tsinandali Cellar.
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