The Winemaker

Davit Maisuradze, the main winemaker of Tsinandali Estate and creator of exclusive, superb wines, headed the winemaking of Tsinandali Winery from 1988 to 1991. He returned to the renewed Tsinandali Estate in 2013. “Now, the situation is completely different technologically at Tsinandali Cellar,” he says. “Previously, selections were made in another way, and the cellar didn’t even have its own vineyard. Today, Tsinandali Cellar has the best vineyard, with a unique terroir, as well as the highest quality machinery and technological equipment, giving it the opportunity to produce the highest quality wine.”

In 2013, Maisuradze became the head of the most responsible business of Tsinandali Estate with a new aspiration and innovative ideas. His return yielded results: the particularly aromatic, high alcohol Natella, burgundy Sophia, rich and elegant Nino Veuve Griboyedoff, and other masterpieces.

Davit Maisuradze, together with Tsinandali Cellar, actively cooperates with the largest European wine companies, seeing him providing professional advice on wine production to Italian, French and German wine-producers.