The History

The interesting and exciting story of the Chavchavadze Estate begins at the start of the 19th century. Exactly two centuries ago, Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, a prominent figure of aristocratic Georgian society of the time, turned his family estate into a cultural-intellectual center boasting a magnificent garden.

The influence of Alexander, the main character of Tsinandali history, is still relevant today. This epochal figure was an excellent winemaker, poet, businessman, military figure, and the founder of Georgian Romantism, as well as a polyglot and a man of great erudition. All his achievements are associated with innovation and a constant striving for development. That's why Tsinandali Estate is still named after him, and his influence is still noticeable here, despite the fact that after the Chavchavadzes, the estate had several owners.

The best writers, poets and public figures of the 19th century would gather at the Chavchavadze Palace. The Prince was a generous host of numerous cultural events, exhibitions and literary evenings, and the Chavchavadze Salon saw as its guests Alexander Dumas, Marie-Felicity Brose, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Grigol Orbeliani, Vakhtang Orbeliani, Giorgi Eristavi, Alexander Griboyedov, and Nikoloz Baratashvili, amongst many others. They called the Tsinandali Estate the “Literary Heart of Poets and Writers”. The idea for founding Georgian theater was also born here.

The brilliant tradition of the Chavchavadze Estate is being continued in the form of the Tsinandali Festival, which has already taken a rightful place on the global map of important cultural events.

Alexander Chavchavadze was one of the most active supporters of Georgia's rapprochement with Europe, and shared Western values, being the first Georgian to bring to Georgia many characteristic items of Europe's culture and daily life, including a grand piano, billiards, a carriage, and precious chandeliers.

About the Company


With the initiative of the Silk Road Group, the Tsinandali International Classical Music Festival was founded in 2019, one of the most important events in global culture. Festival guests have the opportunity to annually listen to great performers of classical music and real stars from all over the world.


In 2018, the Silk Road Group opened “Radisson Collection”, the first 5-star international brand hotel in Tsinandali Estate, which became a harmonious part of the estate thanks to its graceful architecture and exceptional design.


In 2006, the Silk Road Group decided to thoroughly renovate the Tsinandali Estate. The main idea was to maximize preservation and revive the history and values of this unique place. The Silk Road Group invested 60 million USD for the restoration and renovation of the estate, which has the status of a Cultural Heritage Monument of Georgia.